Chicago Tribune Guild

Strong journalists mean strong journalism. 

The Chicago Tribune Guild is an organization of journalists, united in our passion for what we do and our determination to strengthen our newsroom and ensure we have the tools we need to excel at work that is vital to our community and the world. 

Because strong journalism is what Chicago deserves.


Our mission

To our colleagues


In the past few weeks, we've talked to most of you about our hopes for the Chicago Tribune and its community publications. Those conversations have convinced us: It's time to form a union. We're hoping you'll join us.

A wide range of the newsroom is represented in this effort. Our organizing committee includes veterans and newcomers, among them many prize-winners, all dedicated to providing our readers with the first-rate coverage of local, state and regional news they expect.

But a series of corporate owners — Tronc being only the most recent — has jeopardized our ability to do great work.

Regular raises, cost-of-living adjustments and job security are non-existent. The cost of our healthcare benefits has significantly increased. Our maternity and paternity policy is inadequate.

Development opportunities — the kind that allow us to achieve professional goals and to enrich our news coverage — are rare. We have lost many talented colleagues to higher-paying jobs that offer better protections and more possibilities for advancement.

And although we live in a racially and ethnically diverse city and state, diversity is not well-reflected in the newsroom. A more diverse staff will help guide coverage that fully reflects the lives of the many types of communities in and around Chicago. We can do better.

Our primary goal in forming a union is to give us, the Tribune's journalists, a voice in setting the course for the publications we hold dear. This includes the Aurora Beacon-News, Daily Southtown, Naperville Sun, Elgin Courier-News, RedEye and Hoy.

In the coming days, we'll ask you to join this effort by submitting signature cards signaling your support for representation by the NewsGuild-Communication Workers of America. The guild represents thousands of journalists and media workers at respected papers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Sun and — as of this year — the Los Angeles Times.

This would be the first union for editorial employees in the Tribune's 170-year history, and we know you may have questions. We did too. Please feel free to approach any of us. We would love to talk to you.

We believe the union is an investment — in our work, in ourselves, in our readers, in our city and state.

For the Chicago Tribune. For Chicago.

             Organizing Committee of the Chicago Tribune Guild

Eric Zorn

Char Searl

Heidi Stevens

Abel Uribe

Matthew Walberg

E. Jason Wambsgans

Brian Cassella

Stacey Wescott

Mary Wisniewski

Manya Brachear Pashman

Michael Phillips

bill Daley

Jacqueline Serrato

Cindy Dampier

Dahleen Glanton

Michael Hawthorne

Erin Hegarty

Joseph Hernandez

Charlie Johnson

Rex Huppke

Clarence Page

Mary Schmich

Laura Rodriguez

Gregory Pratt

Alicia Ramirez

Dawn Rhodes

Alison Bowen

Tony Briscoe


Sade Carpenter

Jeff Cercone

Louisa Chu

Megan Crepeau

Lara Weber

Peter Nickeas

William Lee

Hannah Leone

Ted Slowik

Angie Leventis

Joseph Mahr

Adam Lukach

Stacy St. Clair

Jennifer Smith Richards

Josh Noel

Alex Parker

Antonio Perez

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Giving the newsroom a voice

We are proud shareholders in a storied journalistic tradition in one of the world’s great cities. Together, we’ve worked to build an organization we hope will represent the concerns of all our colleagues and the common cause we share — Chicago Tribune journalism. 




Why start a union?


A powerful voice for journalists

Journalism speaks truth to power.  Now, more than ever, we need a strong, coherent voice to advocate for ourselves and for the integrity of the work we do.  Great journalism serves our readers and our community, and positions us to compete at the highest level, strengthening our company and our brand. 


Pay and benefits that make sense

Current Tribune compensation plans are antiquated and arbitrary, with increases that have been far outstripped by cost of living.  Every year our benefits have been reduced, while out-of-pocket costs increase.  We will negotiate to protect benefits like health care and adopt a fair pay scale that brings us up to the level of other union newsrooms around the country. 



Meaningful diversity and development

A diverse newsroom means not just lip-service, but true inclusion at all levels, from top to bottom.  We're committed to helping make that a reality, and to working with management to stop the constant exodus of our best and brightest colleagues. We need a path so that talented journalists can move up — not out.  


LA2A4394 1.jpg

Transparent business dealings

Five million dollar bonuses for failed executives are just the tip of a pretty nasty iceberg. Our company has long suffered under unscrupulous ownership intent on lining their pockets while disregarding and underfunding the newsrooms that are the creative engines of the company.  Our union will help hold them to account for behavior that destabilizes our company and threatens our livelihoods.